Creative Arts Productions -                  --If you can dream can achieve it!
About Us
CJ's Creative Arts is an organization that comes into your facility and implement programs. Our goal is to uncover the importance of the arts and education and to develop a curriculum that will allow creative imagination through movement.  It has been shown that the arts and education has many benefits in learning.  These benefits include:
*Encourages communication & social skills.
*Improves listening & memorization.
*Improves coordination & physical development.
*Promotes creativity & imagination.
*Strengthens self-expression.
The activities that we provide include a mixture of music genres and styles of singing, dancing, musical instruments, and storytelling through our structured themed sessions.
Our entire team is committed to coming to your facility and implementing a 45-60 minute program.  A quality education is our top priority and we aim high to ensure that every student is receiving an art enriched education.
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